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Who We Are

INJAZ Egypt delivers experiential learning in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship, effectively enriching the ability of young people to both engage in their own economic development and contribute to the strength of their communities and economies. INJAZ has been working in Egypt for more than a decade to promote the skills of employability and to promote entrepreneurship among Egypt’s chronically unemployed youth. Partnering with business and educational institutions across the country, INJAZ supplements  school curriculum with programs designed to build the capacity and realize the potential of students and young graduates.

Our Vision

To empower young Egyptians  to reach their fullest potential by becoming sought after Employees & Entrepreneurs, leading successful businesses, creating economic prosperity to develop their country.

Our Mission

Inspiring & empowering young people to reach their fullest potential while contributing to the economic development of Egypt by:

– Connecting them with business mentors & qualified trainers.
–Enhancing & developing their skills & mindsets to succeed as qualified employees & entrepreneurs.

Our Values


Believing in creating long-term & lasting impact.

Believing in their power & importance in reaching the common goal of benefiting the community.

In conduct, plan & organization of all work implementation with integrity, honesty & transparency.

Encouraging innovative ideas & creative solutions

Of what we do, working passionately & wholeheartedly. Committed & loyal to our cause and our community.l

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